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Cooklang is the markup language at the center of an open-source ecosystem for cooking and recipe management. In our blog we share how we use Cooklang and tools.

Generating a recipe graph with ChatGPT

This text discusses the challenges of translating traditional recipe formats into a structure understandable by computers. It highlights the issues faced by AI in comprehending the sequence of ingredients and cooking steps, and the steps taken to create a new, AI-friendly format. The piece delves into attempts to design a universal tool for recipe importation and conversion, and the issues encountered. It then outlines a new approach using AI to trace ingredients and cooking actions to create a comprehensive recipe graph, leading to an enhanced user experience and potentially revolutionizing the way we engage with recipes.

Practical savings on groceries with Cooklang and tools

This is a list of ideas we think will help you to save time and money on groceries with Cooklang and tools.

My approach to automating grocery shopping

How and why I created Cooklang in the first place.