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  • Own your data forever. No account is required.
  • Store your recipes as plain-text files written in the Cooklang markup language.
  • Organise your recipes in your way. Use folders, symlinks and pictures.
  • Create shopping lists grouped by store department. Export and share them with others.
  • Apply agile approach to your recipes and continuously improve them.

By buying this app, you support the development of the Cooklang open-source ecosystem.

iPhone/iPad app

Store your Cooklang recipes files in iCloud Drive and seamlessly use them on your iPhone or iPad while cooking or shopping.

Download on the App Store.

Note: Requires Mac or PC to store recipes on iCloud Drive.

Submit your feedback in discussions or by email: .

Please open an issue here to report a bug.

Android app (signup for beta testing)

UPDATE: applications are closed now.

If you want to help us beta test CooklangApp for Android you can join our beta testing program. You will dive in into Cooklang ecosystem and help us make it better.

You will need:

  • an Android device

Next steps:

You will recieve an email with an invitation link and setup instructions. Submit your feedback by email: .

Frequently Asked Questions

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